Mikki Hanna and Adeline Bretoneche started their journey back in 2003 when they met at Miami International University of Art and Design, while studying fashion merchandising. They immediately connected and their talents complimented each other on their favorite projects, which included styling for photo shoots and producing fashion shows. After graduating, both embarked on their own fashion/retail careers. Unbeknownst to each other, they had both moved to Los Angeles for their careers and began raising their families. It wasn’t until years later they reunited again and the idea of working together came naturally. Mikki and Adeline have over 30 years of retail experience combined and they realized it was time to branch out on their own while juggling motherhood.

And so the idea of Perfectly Baked was born. The name of their clothing business was inspired by an afternoon chat where they both agreed all “buns in the oven” were baked to perfection, hence the name. They quickly began to build an empire in their minds and worked hard to see it come to life.

Having both all boys, the mamas have been able to exchange clothes amongst each other. Mikki’s hands are full with two boys and Adeline, mom of one of boy, is still seeking her little girl in the future. That’s when they realized there was a lack of fun, unisex clothing that would last more than a couple of washes and be able to pass down from child to child. They started gathering ideas and working with several independent designers to create unique collections that exemplified the artist’s work and catered to Perfectly Baked’s vision. The manufacturing was to be executed in Peru, since their goal was to use only the finest Pima cotton in the world. Not only is this cotton perfect for children’s soft skin but it’s also proven to endure a good amount of washes without losing color or form. Everything they wanted would come together – fun clothing that could last generations making parents’ pockets a lot happier.

Their inspirations for colors, materials, and designs are bright and fun due to their multicultural backgrounds, Mikki being Jamaican-Middle Eastern and raised in Miami while Adeline being Swedish- Peruvian and raised in Spain. With their own kids in mind, they aimed for patterns that would make kids smile as well as feel comfortable while doing what they do best: being kids. was launched November 26th of 2014 and was received with great success and excitement throughout all social media platforms. While they are just beginning on this new adventure, Mikki & Adeline already have collections developed, plan to retain wholesale accounts nationwide, and always looking for collaboration opportunities with successful companies and designers.