worry wart July 14 2015

When I spend time with childless friends, it never ceases to amaze me how different our lives are. The biggest change since I became a mother is what I worry about. I've always been somewhat of a worry wart, even before I had kids, but being a mom has just taken my worries to another extreme. Worry is the dark underbelly part of parenthood, the flip side of joy, excitement, pride, no one really talks about. As a matter of fact, worrying and parenting go hand in hand. When I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant with Lucas, the first thing I worried about was if he was ok from all the vodka sodas from the previous weekend. I went from routinely worrying about what the best hangover cure was on a weekday morning so I could survive a day's work to worrying about more sophisticated things like:

-poop and what happens if my boys haven't gone in a few days. I feel like I worry about their bowel movements a lot and need to keep a calendar of who did what, when. When they do poop I also worry about it being a normal color and shape.

- if my kids are going to grow up being selfish little brats. I know everyone says its 'the age' and they will get better at sharing with time, but I still can't help but think maybe they will be like that forever.

Of course I worry about the important stuff as well but since it's humpday I figured I'd keep the mood light!

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)