before my cup of coffee June 23 2015

Good morning mommy. I slept in my bed today. The whole night mommy, that's good, right?! I want pancakes for breakfast. With blueberries mommy and milk. Can I have more milk. But I don't want to brush my teeth today. I brushed them last night, why do I have to brush them all the time, mommy, why? So they don't fall off? Is it Tuesday today? Do I have school?! So if I don't have school, what are we going to do. Ok, we can go to the park but can I wear my hockey shirt? Did you clean it for me? But why not. But I like that shirt. Ok fine, but then will you play soccer with me at the park. Louis will be fine on the playground. You could watch him and play with me at the same time mommy. Look, like I'm doing now, see. How long does it take to get to park. Are we going to the one next to our house or the one by Target? Is that really far. How many minutes. What's a mile. How long, tell me. Count to a mile mommy. No, but like, 1,2,3 what's a mile. When do I get to a mile. Oh ok. So how long will that take. Can we stop at target and get a treat. I will be a good boy. But why not. But I'm going to be hungry. What time will we eat lunch? Are you going to pack me a lunch and have a picnic at the park? I want grapes too. I'm going to take Spider-Man to the park. He likes going there. Ok, so are you ready mommy? Why don't you have shoes on yet. But how long does it take you to drink your coffee? What time is it? Oh, it's 7:30 in the morning, so are we late?

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)