number 2 June 16 2015

For the past few weeks I've been trying to potty train my two year old son. He has finally (for the most part) mastered peeing in the toilet both sitting down and standing up. He has not however mastered the pooping part. I have thrown away about 4 pairs of underwears because of this. I have tried everything, from begging and making deals with him, to the positive reinforcement sticker chart to even having him sit and observe his older brother while he poops...sadly, nothing has worked. I have a stubborn sally on my hands. I know he understands when I tell him "you poop in the bathroom", because when I ask him, where do you poop, he takes me to the toilet and points at it. I have noticed that when he does go in his pants, the house is awfully quiet and the few minutes of silence lead me to believe that he is doing something wrong. As I look for him around the house, I already know its too late and he is hiding because he pooped his pants. Usually he is behind his closet door, or near the bathroom in squat position with rosy cheeks. I cannot even get mad at him, because the first thing he tells me when I ask him what he's doing, is 'sowwwy mommy". He knows. 

Thinking about his antics, I can't help but notice how closely they resemble my public pooping problems. Going number 2 in public restrooms (or most bathrooms which aren't my own) requires a high level of not giving a damn, which I simply don't possess. Perhaps, that's my two year old's problem as well?! I guess you could call me too considerate, because I think my number 1 concern with dumping in public, is the stench. You never really know how bad it's going to be and you're forcing everyone in your vicinity (or the next person in line) to be subject to your scent. Maybe, that's my little dude's issue as well. I think the only way I have (some-what) over come that is by thinking, everyone poops. Like seriously. EVERYONE POOPS. Just get over it. I plan on showing my little one all my poops and his brother's poops and whatever other floating poops we happen to see in public restrooms to get him more comfortable with pooping. I need to boost up his crappin confidence and hopefully he will poop with pride, in the toilet.

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)