good ol' bath time June 10 2015

One thing I have learned from being a mom (especially of boys) is that you MUST love bath time. And by bath time I am not taking about a relaxing, soaking in Epsom salt, with wine glass in hand as the candle light shines over your wet skin type of bath. I mean you must love (or learn to) giving baths, because boys require a lot of them. You must also learn to love doing a million loads of laundry, because again...boys dirty a ton of clothes. You must be prepared for splish splashing, a soaked bathroom floor and tons and tons of wet towels that smell like a dirty sponge or a wet dog. This is raising boys. Even when I let my 4 year old bathe himself it's a lot of work. I have to stand outside the shower pretending to be bathing so he could mimic me. It is a sight to be seen. Hopefully they remember these moments and return the favor when I'm old and senile...oh wait.

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)