button pushers June 02 2015

All kids do it at one time or another. Some more frequent than others. It's part of their DNA, they like to test our limits and experiment with our patience. Usually it's worse when they are overly tired or during that time of day when they  have played with all their toys and still have tons of energy left from being cooped up inside because of bad weather. But as bad as it may be sometimes and how badly I wished I never had to deal with another meltdown or tantrum, I somewhat understand it from these tiny humans. They are children and often times cannot handle all these emotions/anger/frustrations they may be feeling and just explode from time to time. What I do not understand and pushes my buttons more than anything is when adults throw tantrums and act like children. It happened to me the other day, when a waiter wouldn't sit us in an outside table of a pizza place because I had my double stroller and he expected me to wake up my sleeping two year old and put him in a high chair because the stroller 'got in the way'. Ummm, what way, sir, its a corner table?!. He obviously didn't understand the whole reason why I was able to go out to lunch and perhaps enjoy my meal was because he was sleeping??!! Then a few days later I hear on the news about a flight attendant had a plane land because a mom couldn't control her crying toddler???!!! WHAT? I had no idea us moms had that sort of control. Please tell me where the button is on my son's body when he is having a hissy fit so I could push it. That would help. A LOT. Thanks.

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)