stay at home mama May 26 2015

Some people think stay at home moms do simply that, stay at home. That they have a stress free life tending to their perfectly behaved kids, since they stay at home with them and are able to properly reprimand them. I must admit, I used to be one of those people that thought being a stay at home mom wasn't a real job. Boy, was I wrong. I have worked harder in the past 8 months than the past 8 years in the workforce combined. Not that working in an office setting with deadlines and other stressors was by any means easy, but at least I had a lunch break or coffee break, even a bathroom break to look forward to.  I cannot remember the last time I peed without an audience.

I also knew that my boss (for the most part) couldn't whine all day and throw food at me if I didn't do what he wanted. I currently eat most of my meals standing up. The one time a day I do get to sit and relax while my two year old is napping, I am bombarded with a million why questions from my ever inquisitive 4 year old. Have I mentioned I clean ALL DAY long? Seriously, I am down on all fours half the day wiping and cleaning sticky goo from the floors and at the end of the day my floor still looks dirty.

The most important thing I have learned from staying home with my boys is to never let go of your self. Take some time, a few hours a week even, to do something you like and reminds you of the old you. A quick dinner with a friend, a 30 minute child free walk to Walgreens, a fitness class, anything. It will keep you (somewhat) sane from the crazy, never clocking out job that gets paid with endless kisses and love.

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)