make-up monday May 19 2015

Here's the scenario: it's Monday morning and I am exhausted. It has been a busy weekend at our house, catching up on laundry and getting the boys back into their routine after a ten day vacation, I mean trip, vacations are relaxing remember?! The problem is I am starting to look as tired as I feel. No one wants to look tired. I actually hate that comment over having someone ask me if I gained weight. "Are you ok, you look tired?!". Seriously?? I haven't slept a full night's sleep since before my eldest son was born. He's now FOUR. So in my attempt to brighten up my week and start it off in as good a mood as possible, I always apply makeup on Mondays. I have noticed that by having a little lipstick on even if I'm going nowhere, makes me feel better and actually motivates me to tackle my never ending mommy to-do list.

As a busy mom I am always looking for ways to do things as quickly as possible or multitasking whenever I can. Let's face it, we only have a few uninterrupted minutes to ourselves in a day and we cannot afford to waste it applying makeup. So usually my "mom makeup routine" is a bit rushed and different than my going out makeup routine. I apply eye shadow with my finger, mascara while I'm feeding the kids breakfast, and have mastered the lipstick without a mirror technique. On Mondays I tend to wear bright lipsticks, even though I may look ridiculous in my yoga pants and red lips, it definitely livens your face with just one step. It really only takes less than five minutes to apply a little powder, some mascara and lipstick and makes all the difference in the world! So next time you wake up feeling tired and grumpy, take the extra five minutes to doll yourself up and see how makeup can have you looking forward to Mondays!

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)