vacationing with kids May 13 2015

So you remember that first post a few weeks ago about feeling guilty leaving the kids for a weekend...yeah those feelings are long gone.

Let's start with the packing. Who knew little people needed so much stuff. Clothes, extra clothes in case the regular clothes gets dirty, extra clothes for the extra clothes, pajamas, diapers, their favorite toy, their pillow or blanket, toothbrush, and let's not forget all the snacks and cups and bottles. Before I even leave on vacation I need a vacation from packing for my vacation.

Then there's the sleeping and napping outside their comfort zone. You would think a beach vacation would be the ideal vacation for young kids since the sun and sand tend to wear them out..unfortunately, that is not always the case. The nap on the drive home from the beach is probably the only time we felt we were on vacation. Those thirty minutes of quiet time were bliss. But since that nap was usually later in the afternoon it would throw off their normal bedtime routine of being asleep by 8pm.

There were some magical moments besides the naps on our way home from the beach, the moments we crawled into bed exhausted at night and fell asleep together as a family of four.  The memories made and fun spent with family and cousins is definitely worth the hard work, but I would hardly call it a vacation. A vacation is being at the beach with a drink in hand and taking a nap in the sun if you wanted, not constantly having to tell the kids to stop throwing sand at each other. A vacation is waking up at noon the night after drinking and dancing, not at 6am when your 2 year old decides it's time to wake up. There will be a time again in my life when I take a vacation, but from now on our "vacations" with family are trips, not vacation!

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)