oh fudge! May 05 2015

I knew the day would come. I mean it's inevitable. Not because our language at home is that foul, but because he is bound to pick up a bad word or two from TV or possibly the rap station we listen to on the way to school (or my husband's road rage, ahem)! I just assumed the first time he would say it would be at home, you know, without any strangers around to give me 'the look'. I also thought (or secretly hoped) that the day he did say such word it would be by mistake. Perhaps a speech impediment or some sort of dyslexia...you know...the bad word would come out but he was really trying to say...

Oh I'm stuck.

Look at my truck.

That's a duck.

But that was simply not the case. It was a beautiful spring day at the playground. The same playground we frequent daily and tend to see the same kids and parents. It was nice out so of course the entire neighborhood was there during 'peak' park time. And there goes my little two year old down the slide at the same time another kid was trying to go up the same slide..."oh f*^%#" my child yells as they bump into each other. Yup. Loud and clear.

I. Wanted. To. Die. 

It wouldn't of been that bad if he would've just said it and been done with it. But of course that wasn't the case. The other boy, perhaps a few years older..five or six, decided to announce to the whole world that my lovely, beautiful baby boy said the "f word".

I must admit though,  amidst all the embarrassment and looks from hell from the other parents, a part of me wanted to congratulate him and give him a hi-five for using the word correctly. No problem executing the f sound. 

To be honest I didn't even reprimand him or bring up the word again. I didn't want to make a big deal about it and have him repeating it. I just grabbed my fat, little fudger and called it a day ;) 

-Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)