the diet starts tomorrow April 28 2015 1 Comment

We all obsess over it. Some of us more than others. We stand in front of the mirror and criticize every inch, every mark of our new motherly bodies. We go on fad diets, juice cleanses, protein packed meals, whatever it takes to try and get our pre-baby bodies back...Yet, another Sunday rolls around and we are right back where we started the week the same weight and with the same mentality of 'the diet starts tomorrow'. It's happened to me with both my pregnancies. I gained between 30-40 pounds in those nine months and here I am 27 months post postpartum and still have a few pounds to go. And by a few I mean..five, seven...maybe ten pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight … I still beat myself up over it, especially since the pounds don't come off quite as easily as they came on. 

But this morning, as I was making my boys' pancakes for breakfast and sneaking a bite here and there, it hit me. It's not our fault - (our = all of us mommies struggling with our weight) that we can't lose the extra love handles.  I mean, who else is going to taste test the pancakes, cookie dough batter, goldfish, mac and cheese, animal crackers and make sure they are safe to consume and don't have metal pieces in them from the facilities in which they were processed?! Our number one duty as a mom is to make sure our kids are safe, so if that means taste testing their doughnuts and chicken nuggets and cheese sticks before they eat them, then that's what we HAVE to do. So yea, those extra..five, ten pounds we're carrying around are a safety net for our kids. That's how we 'handle our love', right mommas?! So next time you catch yourself in the mirror criticizing your new 'curvier' post baby bod- just think about how good of a mommy you are always thinking of the kids wellbeing first ;) because the diet can always start tomorrow! 

- Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)