leaving the kids for a weekend... April 21 2015

So I am sure the time has come for all of you where friends decided to throw an extravagant, over the top, bachelorette party for that one single friend in another city. Or perhaps a work event or conference is being held in a different state and you are tempted to go. Or maybe you're trying to decide whether to attend your cousin's wedding in Cancun...sans children. Whatever the situation is or wherever the destination, I am sure most of us moms have felt that little pang of guilt mixed with the excitement of possibly being kid-free for a weekend. I mean who wouldn't want to sleep uninterrupted for an entire night (maybe even two!) ??!!  

Although I love the idea of getting away and being around adults all weekend, I would be kidding you if the decision to leave the kids didn't give me (and most moms, as I have gathered) excitement but also anxiety/guilt/worry/sadness. Logically, we know the kids will be fine...but its always those what if scenarios that get me every time. 

What if the plane crashes and my kids are left motherless because I decided to be selfish…(sorry but the thought does cross your mind. I'm just openly admitting it)

What if the kids wake up hysterical at night and no one will be able to console them

What if they eat gummies all weekend and develop type 1 diabetes. 

Well this past weekend I decided to ignore all those what if scenarios holding me back, kissed my boys good-bye and off I went to NYC. 

As it turned out, I didn't sleep as much as I wanted since the whole point of the trip was to celebrate the bride to be and getting her as wasted as possible but I did find myself enjoying the little bit of freedom I had. It's nice to be able to use the bathroom without a little person watching. And eating an entire meal without entertaining a toddler, WOW I forgot what that was all about...

As it turned out, the kids also enjoyed the extra time they had with grandma. And it was nice to have them run to ME for a change when I arrived home...usually that warm welcomed greeting is only for the hubby after a day's work. All and all, I feel sometimes its necessary for our sanity's sake to get away and reboot... and that does not make us bad moms. 

- Melina Harvey Read (mama of two)